Loan purpose
Loan type 
Credit line 
Loan amount 
AMD 50.000-3.000.000, but no more than the sevenfold of average monthly income
Loan currency 
Payment card type
Any payment card, the salary transferred to.
Annual interest rate 
13.5-17%  (based on the loan term and borrower’s working experience) 
Loan term 
12-24 months 
Redemption frequency
Monthly- equally (annuitant), or Non-equally (differential).
In case of the amount more than the fourfold of  the average income a guaranty of at least 1 individual, who is not a member of the Borrower's family is required.
As an additional loan security means the Bank may require the guaranty of one or more 
Grant way 
Commission fee 
Flat fee-1%.
Decision period 
10-12 working days
Loan arrangement is realized  
ARMECONOMBANK OJSC Head office and branches 
Borrower's requirements
Resident individual over 18 years
Registered and living in the Republic of Armenia
Has a constant income source acceptable by the Bank
Negative decision grounds
Negative assessment on the customer’s financial condition.
Non-credibility of the presented documents.
Costumer’s negative credit history.
Other reasons which according to the Bank assessment will hamper the loan repayment
In case of non-repayment of amounts (loan, interest, and other payments) set forth by the Agreement on time, a penalty of 0.13% on the overdue amount will accrue for each overdue day.
NoteDocuments to be presented by individuals 
PunctPassport copies,
PunctDocument containing the number of public services ,
PunctThe document certifying the income 
PunctOther documents, if necessary
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