10.000 (for the first reimbursement executed by  ՚՚National Mortgage Company՚՚ RCO CJSC from the attracted funds, AMD 2.200.001-  5.500.000 is  defined)
Loan currency
Annual interest rate
Grace period
from 6  months to 2 year
Loan term
120 months
Redemption frequency
Renovated real estate, which can be located in the whole area of RA with the exception of the Center community of Yerevan.
Loan to pledge value ratio
Maximum 70% of the liquidation value of the renovate
Grant way
In stages By cash and cashless  
Commission fee
AMD 5000 for the study of the loan application which is non- refundable. Account service fee per month- 0.05% of loan amount but not more than AMD 10.000 per month.
Real estate appraisal
Assessment is realized by any assessment organization licensed by RA legislation and cooperating with the Bank, according to the tariff determined by the latter, which varies from AMD 20.000-100.000
Collateral arrangement expenses
All the expenses related to the collateral formation (notarization, registration of the real estate in subdivisions of Cadastral territory) is made by the borrower Notary fee - AMD 15.000-25.000 Joint reference  (on restrictions against real estate) - AMD 10.000 Certificate on the registration of right to real estate- AMD 27.000
Decision period
Up to 10 working days (In case of mortgage the loan is provided within 2 business days following the receipt of collateral registration right)
The Borrower shall receive a grant in the amount of 5% of the loan amount, which will be directed to the repayment of the Principle of the Loan, if the requirements of the Project related to the energy efficient materials/ items (Portions and the list) are met, and as a result of the renovation the ratio of the energy efficiency amounts to minimum 40%.
Requirements to borrower
Resident individual over 18 years Registered and living in the Republic of Armenia Has a constant income resource acceptable by the Bank The borrower/co-borrower shall be at least the co-owner of the real estate to be renovated
Loan redemption procedure
Monthly- equally (annuitant),
Real estate security is made by the customer at the insurance company licensed by RA CB, according to the tariff determined by the latter. The tariffs vary from 0.25% to 0.3 % of the loan balance. Insurance for accidents of the Borrower and Co-borrowers is realized by the customer (except the co-borrowers having no income) in the insurance company licensed by RA CB, according to the tariff determined by the latter. The tariffs vary from 0.25 % to 0.3 % of the loan balance.
Negative decision grounds
Negative assessment of customers՚ financial state Non-credibility of the presented documents Customer’s negative loan history Other reasons that will hamper the loan repayments according to the Bank assessment.
NoteDocuments  to be presented by individuals
PunctPassport copies, as well as those of the family members
PunctMarriage certificate copy (if any)
PunctStatement from the residence
PunctStatement from the workplace
PunctCopy of property certificate (of the acquired apartment) if necessary, copy of the document serving as a basis for certificate provision
PunctEstimate of renovation expenses (expenses according to articles)
PunctPhotos of  renovated real estate (detailed)
PunctDocument containing public services number
PunctStatement that the present apartment is not under barrage (the original and 1 copy), to be presented after loan confirmation
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