Dear customers,

  We hereby inform you that from 27 September 2021, the service of HomeBank system will be suspended. As an alternative to the service you can benefit from AEB Mobile և AEB Online platforms, which, compared to the HomeBank system, have a number of  advantages/ opportunities:

  • Receipt of information on accounts, loans, deposits and other products
  • Transfers within or out of the RA territory
  • Foreign currency exchange, including with cross rate
  • Receiving money from overseas (PHE)
  •  Deposit placement, replenishment  and termination (PHE)
  • Opening of additional  accounts in different currencies
  • Submission of an application for the opening of a new/additional plastic card
  • Utility and other payments
  • Blocking/unblocking of the card
  • Correspond with the bank ( sending and receiving messages)
  • Group transfers

To register on AEB Online platform , visit - newonline.aeb.am 
To register and activate   AEB Mobile application , please watch the videos- https://bit.ly/3bAL9bhhttps://bit.ly/3ciGQRf
AEB Mobile application - http://onelink.to/hg2vgz

Updated: 07/10/2021 12:53