Loan purpose  
 Loan type  
Consumer loan without a pledge   
 Loan currency  
 Loan amount 
AMD  100.000-3.000.000
 Annual interest rate 
 Actual interest  rate   
 Loan term 
18-36 Months 
 Loan term 
 Loan redemption procedure 
Equally (annuitant), or non-equally (differential)
  The loan is granted without a guarantor and a pledge of a real estate 
 Grant way 
Cashless, on the current bank account of the client 
 Loan arrangement is realized 
Via AEB Mobile and  AEB online applications 
 Decision period  
Within a day 1
Against the amounts (loan, interests, other payments) not paid within the term(s) set forth by the agreement a penalty in the amount of 0.13% (daily) of the outstanding amount is charged for each overdue day.  
 Statement provision 
  Free of charge  
 Positive decision grounds 
  Positive loan history (if any) Source of stable and sufficient income.
 Negative decision grounds
Negative assessment of customers' financial state Customer’s negative loan history Other reasons that will hamper the loan repayments according to the Bank assessment.  

 Interests are calculated on the loan balance.

Early loan repayment is allowed for which no penalties and fees are charged.
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